I am a UI/UX designer with a decade of experience crafting easy-to-use software. I enjoy researching, designing, testing and building products that make life easier for people.

My recent work

Helping high school athletes get into college

At CaptainU, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to guide high school athletes through the process of getting noticed and recruited to play sports in college. This project is how we are tackling that.

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Unite design & development

CaptainU needed a styleguide that covered years of design across multiple apps that could be used by designers and developers. I built our first living styleguide in 2 weeks with Sketch and Zeplin.io and it's transformed how we ship products.

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Data insights from the future

Just before MessageBus closed its doors, we were working on a way to analyze your email messaging from a customer-centric view and harvest the kind of data insights that companies will be chasing in the years to come. Here is a glimpse into those ideas.

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Evaluate recruits at events and on the go

College coaches go to recruiting events like high school soccer tournaments through out the year to find the best talent for next year’s team. The app we built in this project allows them to quickly see what events they were going to and evaluate their top prospects when they get there.

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Driving engagement with a beautiful newsfeed

While college coaches can use our College app to search for and start recruiting high school athletes, not a lot of our coaches are active and have to be personally trained on the product by account managers. To fix this, we created a facebook-like activity feed and onboarding learning center.

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Demystifying technical products

Onboarding developers into the nuanced world of email reputation management.

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My product design writing

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